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General Facts

Name: Ethan Blakely
Age: 52
Birthday: May 25, 1945
Nationality: British
Blood: Pureblood
Wand: Blackthorn & dragon heartstring
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Occupation: Auror. Heads the Auror Intelligence office. Was one of the Ministry's best spies, coming closer than anyone else to catching Sergey Dolohov. Weapons instructor for apprentice Aurors.


Hair color & style: Grey, neat
Eye color: Blue
Height: 6'5"
Build: Slender and muscular
Tattoos: Celtic design on small of back
Piercings: None
Distinctive/unusual markings: None
Scars: Some from the usual childhood injuries, some from his years as an Auror, including a long knife scar on one forearm and a few on his back
Style: Classy, more casual when he isn't working
Other: Usually wears long sleeves to hide the knife scar


Sexual preference: Heterosexual, except for some experimenting in his youth
Significant other: Lilith Adler
Difficulties: Attempted several relationships with other women; failed at all of them because he has always been in love with Lilith. Is still afraid sometimes of losing her if he holds on too tightly.
Beliefs involving friendship: Rewards loyalty with loyalty, trust with trust. Betrayal with betrayal. Will defend those he considers friends to anyone, and has spent much of his life doing so where Lilith is concerned.
Best friend(s): Lilith Adler, Gage Blakely, Rory O'Connor
Other friends: Paul Foley, Severus Snape, Alastor Moody, Penelope Clearwater-Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, Blaise Zabini, various Aurors and members of the Department of Mysteries.


Parents: Nathan and Elaine Blakely
Siblings: One sister, Gage
Relationships with parents: Good relationship with his father while he was alive; still has a good relationship with his mother.
Relationships with siblings: Very good. Is incredibly protective of his sister, particularly after her attack.
Other relatives: Considers Rory O'Connor an uncle, and Lillith's nieces, Elizabeth and Tara, as his own

At Hogwarts (or Past At Hogwarts, depending)

House: Slytherin
Accomplishments: Honors student
Role within the school (past/present): student
Attitude about school: Loved it
Favourite Subjects: Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts
Least Favorite Subjects: Herbology
Extra-curricular activities: Dueling club

Vices and flaws

Smoking: Quit years ago (Still tends to light up when he's stressed, and often has a pack on him, confiscated from Elizabeth)
Alcohol: Yes
Sex: Of course
Character flaws: Some might consider being in love with Lilith to be a flaw. Also, has a bit of a temper. Has a very dry wit that he has been known to use on slower students, and others who are a bit slow on the uptake. Can be a bit stiff and formal at times. Has a rather dark sense of humor.
In regards to the law: Has been known to bend it pretty far. Would break it in a heartbeat for the people he loves.
Fighting: If he starts a fight, he'll also finish it.

Musical talents: Plays guitar and flute. Can sing a bit, though very few people know about the singing.
Athletic ability: Proficient in dagger fighting, longbow, crossbow, martial arts. Expert with the quarterstaff; teaches apprentice Aurors.
Cooking: Can cook very well.
Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, German, Latin, French, Gaelic, Italian
Other: Some wandless magic.

This is a writing/RP journal and as such IS NOT REAL. This character is sometimes not a nice man and does bad things, but they are FICTIONAL bad things and I do not condone or advocate these things in real life. Adult material, shocking bad words, and graphic sex and violence may appear in posts here. Those posts will be labeled, and should not be read by people under the age of 18. I have no association with J. K. Rowling, nor am I Ian McKellen.

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